Passion Project


Passion Project
Art Direction, UX Design, UI Design

Amplifying the voice of women on a global scale.


Artemis aims to amplify the voice of every amazing woman. I want to inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through diverse storytelling, experiences and points of view. Unrestricted by age, profession or ability Artemis celebrates the varieties of female talent.

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With the purpose of Artemis to increase the range and diversity of stories shared and written by women, Artemis has but one rule, to nominate. To extend the reach I rely on all the women that write for me to connect with their communities and nominate additional writers.

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Artemis’s essays, interviews, stories or poems are organised by theme and started at the letter A, there are multiple women writing on each theme. This enables me to give a multi-faceted understanding of the theme chosen. Each piece of writing is supported by a unique illustration that helps to build an inspiring Instagram account of our journey.

“Artemis has connected me to almost a hundred inspirational women”

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