About Me

My role as a female design leader is to build up, mentor and inspire a generation of great women designers. I aim to level the playing field through collaborative and progressive thinking and taking on the varied challenges that our industry brings to us. 

My aim as a designer is to create innovative and extraordinary experiences, that are inclusive of all its users and compliments the world's needs.

Currently accepting speaking opportunities and new design challenges.


Design Leadership

I manage a team of talented designers, mentor and inspire teams through the championing of craft and helping them work with other disciplines. I can help individuals pursue their career and creative goals.

I can improve and create new processes and collaborative ways of working while embracing and establishing new technologies to better suit the outputs.

Design Strategy

I am passionate about using design and technology to creatively solve big problems and frame meaningful outcomes. I focus on motivating and co-coordinating multi-disciplinary teams to work together towards a shared purpose and goal.

Digital Art Direction

I apply artistry and craftsmanship to strategic insight to create and bring to life beautiful ideas. I play an essential role in the strategy, conception and design of great ideas, products and services. I bring exceptional creative thought by crafting output, developing and delivering projects from the brief to end user.

Recent Clients

  • Code Like a Girl
  • Eleanor Rees Nutrition
  • A Top 5 Australian University*
  • An Australian Insurance Provider*
  • Australia
Other clients
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Halifax
  • Premier Inn
  • Beleaf Juices
  • The Graduate
  • The ETO
  • Oook Audio
  • Stanbury Wharf
  • The Times

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